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Montana Hunters for Access (MHA) is an organization dedicated to preserving public access for hunters in the state. Our focus is on supporting the Block Management Program, a program run by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks that compensates farmers, ranchers, and other landowners for permitting public access to their land, using funds from hunting license sales. However, this program is at risk due to poor behavior from some hunters and the high fees that outfitters and wealthy hunters are willing to pay for exclusive access to land. MHA is committed to advocating for the continuation and improvement of this important program.

Hunting access that we risk losing

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(In 2022, over 6.8 million acres of land enrolled in the Block Management Program are highlighted in red above. These lands are surrounded by private lands or Federal Indian Reservations, which are depicted in white. National Park Service lands are shown in light purple, Montana State Lands are shown in light blue, Bureau of Land Management lands are shown in tan, U.S. Forest Service lands are shown in light green, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands are shown in green.)

MHA is devoted to combating the monopolization of hunting opportunity by showing appreciation to Block Management enrollees and incentivizing them to remain in the program. We do this by raising funds for appreciation gifts including agricultural supplies and equipment and gift certificates to local farm and ranch supply stores. Additionally, we organize work crews to conduct labor on participating farms and ranches, such as fixing fence, erecting stackyards, and cleaning up trash.

Do you want to help protect high-quality, non-pay publicly accessible hunting? If so, please consider supporting MHA through donations or volunteering your time and labor. The future of Block Management rests with us.